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Our interest is keeping your home or business free from pests! UNIVERSAL EXTERMINATING CO., INC. pest control services, based in Mechanicsville, VA, eliminates ants, termites, cockroaches, silverfish fleas, spiders, rats/mice, and more. The best way to keep all pests away from your home or commercial property is by using preventative pest control measures. Prevention is much more effective and economical than treatment after insects have infested your home.


Your best choice for long-term freedom from pest infestation is to sign up for one of our affordable pest control contracts that is available for homes and businesses. This service, guaranteed by UNIVERSAL EXTERMINATING CO., INC., will keep your property free from damage, your family/staff safe, and your customers content.

Preventive Pest Control Program in Central Virginia

Preventive Pest Control Programs offered by UNIVERSAL EXTERMINATING CO., INC. include customized monitoring and pest control maintenance activities. We know that most of the pest problems in your home or business come from outside, so we focus on applying pesticides outside where pests are breeding and living. Pest control related advice is provided on each visit as needed. We offer monthly and quarterly preventive pest control programs for home or commercial properties. Our preventive pest management programs are guaranteed and if you develop a pest problem in between services we will fix the problem at no additional cost.

Benefits of Year-Round Pest Control Services

  • Living Pest Free - You never have to deal with pests again since the program kills all existing pests and their eggs.
  • Peace of Mind - One less maintenance issue to worry about while maintaining a healthy and safe pest free environment.
  • Less Pesticides in your home/business - Our pest control technicians rarely have to treat the interior. We focus primarily on exterior pest control treatments to prevent pests from entering the home/business.
  • On-call Service all year - Since we guarantee our preventive pest control programs in Central Virginia, we will fix pest issues that may arise between scheduled visits - FREE of charge.
  • Save Money - You will pay more to fix pest infestations than to prevent them. This cost of a UNIVERSAL EXTERMINATING CO., INC. Preventive Pest Control Program is insignificantly less compared to the financial consequences and repairs of property damage resulting from a pest infestation.
  • Insurance - In many cases, property insurance won't cover the damage caused by pests.
  • Easy to Sell your Property - A home will not pass inspection if there is a pest infestation.

Corrective Pest Control Services in Central Virginia

UNIVERSAL EXTERMINATING CO., INC. in Hanover County also provides one time pest control services to destroy a pest infestation. We will do everything possible to eliminate one-time pest infestations in your home or work/commercial properties. The service is not guaranteed, however we'll do everything possible to eliminate your pest problem.

Regular Pest Control services provided by UNIVERSAL EXTERMINATING CO., INC.

You can depend on our prompt, professional pest control services to safely eliminate pests. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our goal is to keep your home and business pest free in Hanover County, Richmond, Henrico County, Chesterfield County, Aylett County, King William County and surrounding areas. Call us at (804) 746-0561 or for a free estimate request - click here.

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